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InfoQ Homepage News Ruby 1.9.2 Release Schedule Aims at August for Final Release

Ruby 1.9.2 Release Schedule Aims at August for Final Release

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The revised schedule for the Ruby 1.9.2 release has been announced today (an earlier schedule targeted December 2009 for a release, but had to be delayed because of various RubySpec failures). A few weeks back, Ruby 1.9.2 finally passed all RubySpec tests. The new schedule now looks as follows:

  • 31 Mar. freeze the spec
  • 30 Apr. freeze the code
  • 31 May. release 1.9.2-preview2
  • 30 Jun. release 1.9.2-rc
  • 31 Jul. release 1.9.2-p0

The spec freeze that is due in two weeks will freeze the list of features that might get included in the release. These features then need to be implemented before the code is frozen at April 30, otherwise the feature will be excluded from the release. After that, another month is spent on stabilizing the release, eventually resulting in the preview2 release. The following release candidate will be delayed "as long as any bug tickets remain". If everything goes well, that is, if no new bug reports appear after 1.9.2-p0, the final release should be due in mid-August.

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