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InfoQ Homepage News CodeRush Xpress for C# and VB for Visual Studio 2010

CodeRush Xpress for C# and VB for Visual Studio 2010

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Microsoft has decided to continue licensing CodeRush Xpress for free for developers using the non-free editions of Visual Studio 2010. Developer Express has released the beta version of CodeRush 10.1.1, containing features related to code selection, code navigation, class/field/variable declaration and refactoring.

CodeRush Xpress helps developers get more done by assisting them with visualization, selection, navigation and clipboard tools plus code templates and code refactoring which save many key presses. Some of the new features in the latest beta version 10.1.1 are in areas such as code selection and code navigation:

Code Selection

  • Camel Case Select – helps selecting words in a camel case identifier
  • Selection Increase/Reduce – used to select the enclosing/contained logical block
  • Auto Select – automatically selects identifiers or logical blocks before performing a copy, a cut or a paste

Code Navigation

  • Camel Case Navigation – helpful to navigate from word to word in a camel case identifier
  • Location Marker – if the caret is moved to a different location in the code due to a command issued by the developer, CodeRush leaves a beacon marker behind for quick localization of the old position.
  • Next Reference – navigating between successive references of an identifier
  • Highlighting All References – marks all references of an identifier
  • Quick Navigation – jump to the desired class, field, variable or file through a small filtered dialog

CodeRush Xpress is licensed for free by Microsoft to Visual Studio customers. All paid-for versions of VS 2008 and 2010 are supported, but VS Express Editions are not supported one of the reasons being that these versions do not support third party add-ins.

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