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InfoQ Homepage News Agile Project Leaders Network Reorganizes

Agile Project Leaders Network Reorganizes

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Many of the larger Agile user groups around the USA such as BayAPLN, Agile Austin and Agile Boston are associated with the APLN. According to a news release published by Jim Highsmith & Julie Chickering, APLN co-presidents, the following changes are taking place at the APLN as the result of a board meeting on July 17 and 18:

The new national officers for the coming year are President-Robbie Mac Iver, VP-David Chilcott, Secretary-Derek Wade, and Treasurer-Cesar Idrovo, past-presidents-Jim Highsmith & Julie Chickering, and at large-Rose Anton, Linda Cook, Todd Little, Pollyanna Pixton.

The four initiatives the APLN is focusing on now include: Connecting with Peers, Develop Case Studies& Stories, Educate on how to BE agile, and the twice per year Leadership Summit.

The Agile Project Leader's Network is now eliminating individual membership fees and focusing on corporate memberships and sponsorships and conferences for its revenue base.

The APLN is planning to research and complile Case Studies& Stories and publish them on the web site. The organization is also focusing on "Being agile" versus "Doing agile", and the first step is publishing a series of Tips on the web site.

The last initiative is to continue the APLN Leadership Summit series with SQE.

Finally, APLN will be switching from an email list to membership on a NING web site; learn more at



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