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InfoQ Homepage News Expression Blend 4 SP 1 Now Supports Flash UI Components

Expression Blend 4 SP 1 Now Supports Flash UI Components

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Expression Blend 4 SP 1 can read Adobe FXG files, enabling Expression developers to use Flash UI components in their applications.

FXG is an XML-based graphics interchange format for Flash, containing graphical and text primitives, following the Flash Player rendering model. FXG has been devised as an interchangeable graphical format to be used by various Adobe applications. FXG follows much of the SVG specification but there are some differences especially related to rendering.

FXG symbols are containers for graphical elements. According to the FXG 2.0 specification, FXG provides the Path element as a general solution to define all sorts of UI components, but it also offers pre-built components such as Rectangle and Ellipse.

Expression Blend 4 SP 1 contains an add-in for Adobe FXG Import, enabling developers to use FXG symbols as UserControls in Expression Blend. That means using UI components created for Flash applications, which might be appealing for companies which have already invested in creating component toolboxes.

Since Expression Blend 4 SP1 also adds support for Windows Phone development, Windows Phone applications can now include Flash components.

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