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InfoQ Homepage News GWT 2.1 RC1 Brings Features Initially Scheduled for 2.2

GWT 2.1 RC1 Brings Features Initially Scheduled for 2.2

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GWT 2.1 RC1 contains features specified by the roadmap, such as new table and tree widgets, but also features that were initially planned for GWT 2.2, such as logging. Another important feature is an  MVP framework.

Cell Widgets

GWT 2.1 introduces a number of new widgets called Cell Widgets or Data Presentation Widgets. Currently, the new set contains Cell List, Cell Table, Cell Tree, Cell Browser, Cell Sampler, and Cell Validation. These widgets can be used to view large data sets having millions of records. Cell widgets are light because they are not using the traditional approach of creating containers holding other containers or widgets, but the widgets are created by injecting HTML into the DOM, speeding up initialization and event handling.


Since cell widgets are created by injecting HTML, the code presents security vulnerabilities because methods like setInnerHTML, setHTML cause the browser to evaluate their argument as HTML. To avoid that, GWT introduces Safe HTML, a library which used according to the guidelines is supposed to shield the application from a number of possible attacks.

MVP Framework

GWT 2.1 has a Model-View-Presenter framework, introducing two new concepts: Activities and Places. An activity is a concept similar to a presenter, while a place is a Java object storing the state of the UI. If an activity is associated with a place then the activity can be referenced through a URL.

Server-side Speed Tracer

Developers deploying applications on GAE or SpringSource TC Server Developer Edition can use Speed Tracer to analyze the performance of the code running on the server for database calls, memcache hits, resource fetches, etc.


GWT 2.1 adds support for logging using a framework similar to java.util.logging, including remote logging when client code log events are recorded on the server instead of the client.

VMware will soon release Spring Roo and SpringSource Tool Suite versions supporting the new GWT features.

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Community comments

  • No more javax.validation

    by Luca Masini,

    Your message is awaiting moderation. Thank you for participating in the discussion.

    I saw that, respect to the trunk, javax.validation was removed !!!

    This is very annoying for me, does anyone knows the reason ?

  • Re: EJB all over again?

    by Luke Dywicki,

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    Solution is simple - try mvp4g. Lightweight framework opposite to mvp implementation from Google.

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