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InfoQ Homepage News Membase Server publicly available from Membase Inc.

Membase Server publicly available from Membase Inc.

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As of today the public release of the NoSQL Membase Server is generally available.

At the same time NorthScale Inc. the company developing Memcached and Membase was renamed to Membase Inc. to better reflect the focus on the new product.

Membase Server was already covered by a previous InfoQ article, so the focus here is on the most important aspects as well as on the release itself.

Based on the widely used Memcached distributed caching infrastructure (and developed by the same team), the open source Membase server offers a superset of the Memcached API and can be used as a drop in replacement or extension for Memcached with added persistent storage.

Membase Server is available as certified Enterprise Edition from with annual product subscriptions starting at USD 999 per node. Those subscriptions include the server license and access to the membase network for maintenance and upgrade releases as well as product support.

The free Community Edition of Membase Server is available from Developers are encouraged to try this version and support it by contributing bugs, fixes and extensions.

Major features of the Membase Server are:

  • drop in replacement for memcached
  • schema free, key-value storage
  • quick cluster setup, adding nodes to cluster via single REST call or Web-UI
  • quasi deterministic low latency and sustained high throughput
  • autosharding enables scaling-out
  • node addition or removal and software upgrades with zero downtime and sustained throughput
  • extensible plugin-system for extensions like full-text search, data analytics and archiving


Membase also announced its sponsorship of local community Membase meetups for technical education and training. The first meetup will be held in Zynga's San Francisco offices on October 28, 2010 at 6pm and will feature leaders of the Membase open source project, as well as a speaker from Zynga.

Current major production users of Membase are Zynga, NHN, Loggly. PaaS providers like Heroku and RightScale offer Membase integration.

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