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InfoQ Homepage News OS Release: Pyxis 2 Beta 2

OS Release: Pyxis 2 Beta 2

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Last Wednesday, Thomas Holtq announced the release  Pyxis 2 beta 2 of the Pyxis 2.0 operating system for .NET Micro Framework devices.  Pyxis began as a potential operating system replacement for the infamous Chumby, but the team is now targeting the FEZ Cobra and Chipworks X from GHI.  The idea is to build a device with greater functionality and capability than the original Chumby or something akin to a futuristic clock radio on steroids.

Pyxis 2 Major Features:

  • Improved Desktop
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Threads
  • External App Loading
  • Web Applications
  • Multiple Screen Resolutions
  • Soft Reboot
  • Touch Screen Calibration
  • System Tray
  • Support for USB Devices
  • many performance improvements

To join in the development efforts, catch up on the discussion over at the TinyCLR forums before downloading the code.  The project is currently open source and hosted on Google Code. Development is done with Visual Studio 2010 and an express version is available for download free from Microsoft. 

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