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Eclipse Mylyn 3.5 brings Jenkins into View

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Eclipse Mylyn 3.5 has been released, introducing a new Hudson/Jenkins connector to view the state of builds in a view inside the IDE itself. The view can automatically detect running Hudson builds and prompt to configure the build server; in addition, any failed tests can be investigated and failing tests can be re-run directly inside the IDE.

The update site for Mylyn has moved, so you might want to add to your Eclipse install to get these latest changes in.

Steffen Pingel has a background on the growth of Mylyn at Eclipse, from an idea in 2004 to a 1.0 release in 2006. As Mylyn has grown, it has gone from being only a task focussed interface to supporting many different bug systems, automated build and version control systems and even documentation (with WikiText and friends). To that extent, it has outgrown the space for any one project, and it was promoted into its own top-level project late last year. This includes not only the task and documentation providers, but also provides a home for a generic review based system which can integrate with either external review systems (like Gerrit) or using Mylyn tasks to achieve a lightweight review system.

The growth of Mylyn is demonstrated by the ecosystem of Mylyn connectors, which allows commercial and open-source products to fit in with the core Mylyn frameworks. The number of commercial organisations providing connectors shows the benefit of having an open Eclipse platform and allowing commercial vendors to build on top.

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