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InfoQ Homepage News WSO2 Introduces a New Open Source Project: WSO2 Message Broker

WSO2 Introduces a New Open Source Project: WSO2 Message Broker

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Paul Fremantle, CTO of WSO2 announced on his blog that WSO2 is releasing a new open source project and product: WSO2 Message Broker. MB provides messaging functionality within the WSO2 Carbon Platform and to other clients in various languages.

MB is based on the Apache Qpid/Java project which provides the core support for AMQP and JMS. WSO2  MB supports Amazon SQS APIs and WS-Eventing. AMQP currently under development. The working group has produced three stable releases and is planning to release v1.0 this year.

The WSO2 broker provides three core functionality:

  • A queuing / persistent message facility
  • An event distribution pub/sub model
  • An intermediary where multiple systems can connect irrespective of the direction of messages

MB can be used for instance to reliably queue HTTP requests . MB can also be deployed outside your firewall, for instance in a Cloud server, and connect to WSO2 ESB running within your firewall.


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