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InfoQ Homepage News TeamCity 6.5: Enhanced Integration with Git & Mercurial, .NET Improvements

TeamCity 6.5: Enhanced Integration with Git & Mercurial, .NET Improvements

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JetBrains has announced the release of TeamCity 6.5. The new release comes with a new look and has improved integration with Git and Mercurial along with several improvements especially for .NET developers. Moreover the free Professional Edition now allows unlimited users, although with a limit on build definitions.

Major improvements in the 6.5 release are -

  1. Personal Build from DVCS branches - Commits to branches can now trigger personal builds, for developers working on their own feature branches, without needing a separate build configuration for each Branch

  2. VCS roots reused between different Projects can now have parameters, for better flexibility. These parameters can come from individual Project Build configurations.

  3. Tests grouping by package for easier Test Cases management

  4. Ability to mute Test Failure, to better manage failing tests without inflicting them onto everyone

  5. Agent Push - A New experimental way to automatically install build agents on the machines in the network or in the cloud

  6. Some .NET specific features -

    1. AssemblyInfo Patcher that allows to set a build number to an assembly automatically, without having to patch Assemblyinfo.cs files manually

    2. Dedicated build runner for PowerShell scripts.

    3. Built-in MSpec runner designed specifically to run MSpec tests.

    4. .NET process runner able to run any .NET assembly under selected .NET Framework version and platform, optionally with .NET code coverage.

    5. Ability to download Coverage produced by dotCover from TeamCity Server and show it in Visual Studio (if dotCover plugin is installed)

TeamCity is a Continuous-Integration Server with support for .NET, Java and Ruby Developers. It has several unique features out-of-the-box, like remote-run/pre-tested commit, integration with multiple IDE (InelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, Visual Studio), on-the-fly reporting of the build progress, ability to run recently failed tests first and muting of test failures. 


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