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Software Architecture in the Movies

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Keeping up-to-date with software architecture can be a tough endeavor. Information is normally available within thick books or somewhere hidden in the Web. Another more entertaining way can be to watch clips available at video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

There are sufficient videos available in the video repositories provided by YouTube and Vimeo to make it difficult locating the good ones. In addition, not all of them are professionally produced. However, could identify some pearls which are worthwhile watching. We have reviewed what we found and tried to figure out the interesting ones. But, of course, such activities are always driven by the author’s taste.

In particular, we found the following videos useful:

  • The Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University is providing a lot of webinars on software architecture topics such as SOA. For accessing all the videos, it is possible to subscribe to the SEICMU channel at YouTube.
  • Already two years old but still very interesting and entertaining is “The role of the software architect (part 1)” where Simon Brown explains his perspective on the role of the software architect.
  • All those eager to learn some basics about software architecture and modeling should consider the broadcast series entitled “Software Modeling and Architecture”. The videos explain the why and how of modeling.
  • Craig Weissman, the Chief Software Architect of explains in a video how the Cloud-based software architecture of is structured as well as some interesting background information on technical aspects.
  • The video “Fabric Engine: Multithreading the Web” by Google Tech Talks addresses how to implement a multithreaded Web-based implementation based on OpenCL. Additional information on the technology background is available as a Vimeo video. In addition, the GoogleTechTalks channel provides some more architecture relevant videos.
  • Scrum pioneer Jeff McKenna has published a very entertaining video at which addresses “Conscious Software Development: Architecture”. He has also provided some previous videos on automated testing, no more bugs,  or design.
  • Grady Booch represents one of the celebrities in software architecture and software engineering. As a IBM Fellow he has published and is still publishing videos like the one called “Why Engineering”.
  • In 51 minutes George Fairbanks is introducing “Software Architecture and The Risk-centric Model”. This is a talk given in a joint session of Denver IASA and Denver Agile.
  • All those interested in the software architecture of SAP and its product constituents may have a look at “What is SAP” by magnatraining.
  • A very in-depth discussion of software engineering is available in a series of lectures by Prof. N.L. Sarda from the Bombay IIT.

Obviously, this can only be the tip of the iceberg. So if you have some other recommendations, please, feel free to comment. And don’t forget that lots of awesome videos are also available at the InfoQ site.

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