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New Extension Introduces Microsoft Office to LightSwitch

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Grid Logic has released the Office Integration Pack, which enables Visual Studio LightSwitch developers to work with data in Microsoft Office 2010. With this extension, users are able to create documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs; send Outlook appointments and emails; and move data to and from Excel.

In addition to custom options that allow developers to specify worksheets, columns, and ranges for Excel import and export, the Office Integration Pack adds an 'Export to Excel' button automatically to data grids built in LightSwitch. The Word export uses the method GenerateDocument to produce either a Word document or PDF, using a predefined template. Outlook emails and appointments can be created using the functions CreateEmail and CreateAppointment.

Grid Logic has provided documentation and a sample application. The Office Integration Pack is available using the extension manager in LightSwitch, or from the Visual Studio Gallery.

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