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InfoQ Homepage News Codify Development Environment runs on iPad

Codify Development Environment runs on iPad

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Two Lives Left have released Codify, a platform that allows game development using the Lua scripting language, which runs directly on an Apple iPad. Games can be created and demonstrated on the iPad, with auto-completion and tight editing.

Codify is built upon the Lua scripting language, a widely used scripting mechanism used in games. App Store restrictions on applications with embedded scripting engines/languages were relaxed last year, provided that they do not allow the download of new scripts. Unfortunately, this means that Codify has no way of exporting or importing resources and programs that have been created on a single iPad, which limits its use.

Codify is marketed as a prototyping and demonstration application, which allows games and interactive effects to be built quickly and easily (and without any knowledge of Objective-C). At any time, the editor can drop in to a play mode, which runs the game built so far.

Codify can be purchased from the App Store on iPad devices or via iTunes.

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