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MyEclipse 10 Released

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Today, Genuitec released MyEclipse 10, an upgrade to their certified Eclipse bundle. MyEclipse 10 is built on Eclipse Indigo, and includes Maven 3 support for both Java and JavaEE projects. Included in this release is support for JavaEE 6, HTML5 as well as JPA 2 and JSF 2. The moniker 10 is to celebrate the upcoming 10th year anniversary of the creation of Eclipse (MyEclipse was first launched 8 years ago).

MyEclipse comes in five flavours; Standard, Pro, Spring, Blue and Bling. The Pro version adds JavaScript debugging, Java profiling, Matisse GUI editor, UML and Maven support.

Although the Standard and Pro versions both have some Spring tooling, the Spring bundle extends the Pro version with application scaffolding and project bootstrapping for quick creation of Spring projects, along with code assistants and additional Spring editors.

The Blue packages add support for opening and deploying to IBM's WebSphere and Rational solutions. A PDF comparing Blue vs Rad shows the similarities and differences between IBM's namesake product and MyEclipse's offering. (IBM founded the Eclipse consortium in November 2001, and Genuitec has been a member since 2003 and was part of the Eclipse Foundation creation in 2004.) The Bling package combines all of the offerings in one package.

Genuitec also recently created a combined packaging of JRebel for MyEclipse, which contains JRebel, a no downtime class redeploying technology.

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