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InfoQ Issues Call for Articles

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InfoQ is always on the lookout for quality articles and today is announcing a call for articles. We are encouraging practitioners and domain experts to submit feature-length (2,000 to 3,000 word) papers that are timely, educational and practical. Articles should be timely because InfoQ tracks important and significant trends within our respective communities. Educational means that articles should teach our readers something non-trivial.  Practical means that readers should take away processes and practices that readers can apply in their daily work.

In addition to mainstay topics like Java, .Net, and Agile, general topics we are currently looking for include:

• Cloud architecture and development
• NoSQL, big data and analytics
• SOA and Web services
• Architecture improvement (refactoring and reengineering)
• Infrastructure, performance, clustering and caching
• HTML 5, cross-platform mobile and mobile development
• Enterprise architecture, governance-related topics and BPM

Our readers are senior technical influencers who are voracious learners, and typically influence innovation within their organizations. So, articles should address readers in a conversational rather than academic tone with an eye towards teaching them something useful. Articles should also have specific take-aways and readers should walk away with a set of actions to perform, a new theory to think about, or a thought-provoking question to answer. Perhaps the best examples come from our vast archive of published articles on InfoQ.

Writing for InfoQ has numerous benefits. As a peer practitioner and writer, you will be contributing your knowledge and experience to the community. Visibility is also a great reason to write. InfoQ’s audience surpassed 557,000 unique visitors in the month of December. In addition, many of our articles are translated for InfoQ Brazil, InfoQ China and InfoQ Japan. If that’s not enough, we also offer authors a nominal stipend.

If you are interested in writing for InfoQ, send us an abstract describing your idea and a brief outline highlighting the points you would cover in your article to First drafts are also considered. All articles are accepted based on an article and not an abstract.  If you would like feedback regarding the suitability of a topic, by all means send us an abstract.

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