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InfoQ Homepage News Open House at Cogswell College on March 10th

Open House at Cogswell College on March 10th

Cogswell College at Sunnyvale, California, is widely renowned for its combination of digital arts disciplines such as video gaming, animation, or software engineering. On March 10th the college will hold an open house for students.

In regular computer science and software engineering education, arts do not play too much of a role. However, domains such as game programming require software engineers to apply their engineering skills to digital arts products. Unfortunately, only very few colleges exist that allow interested students to learn engineering skills as well as art skills. 

According to a press release

Cogswell College offers an intimate and stimulating academic environment that enables its students to earn a BA degree in Digital Art and Animation or Entrepreneurship and Innovation or a BS degree in Digital Audio Technology, Digital Arts Engineering, Computer Engineering or Software Engineering. The Open House will provide an opportunity to tour the campus, watch student created award-winning short animations, meet Cogswell faculty, talk to an admissions representative and get answers to financial aid questions.

The students at Cogswell are called “black collar students” since they learn not only engineering and art skills but also entrepeneurship and managerial skills.

For all of you interested in becoming a black collar student, the college is offering an Open House on March 10, 2012 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM at its Sunnyvale campus.

If you visit the event, please, send your impressions to

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