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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ User Survey 2012 - 14 Questions to Help Us Get to Know You

InfoQ User Survey 2012 - 14 Questions to Help Us Get to Know You

In 2010, InfoQ conducted a readership study which received over 3,200 responses - we received some great feedback from you about your topical interests, occupational background, and how you interact with the site.  The results & findings from our 2010 survey were published on InfoQ for the community to see.  We need your help again this year as we look to gather results for our 2012 InfoQ User Survey

Here are some sample questions from the 2012 survey:

  • Which programming languages are you using in your company?
  • What types of NoSQL databases are you interested in learning more about?
  • Which kinds of agile practices are you using in your projects?
  • What kinds of mobile applications are you building?

As before, we will publish the general results on InfoQ several weeks after the survey closes. Here are a few examples of some of the results that came out of our 2010 survey:

  • Java, JavaScript, and C# were the three most popular programming languages, respectively
  • Unit Testing, Continuous Integration, TDD, and Scrum were the four most popular Agile-related practices, respectively
  • Java, Architecture, and Agile were the three most popular "queues" on InfoQ (this is prior to when InfoQ switched over to the "Persona" model - in the 2012 survey, we ask a similar question about which "Persona" InfoQ members most identify with)

(Note: The 2012 InfoQ user survey is anonymous and your individual replies will be kept confidential)

Thanks for your time,

The InfoQ Team


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