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InfoQ Homepage News LLBLGen Pro 3.5 Adds OData and SQL Server 2012 Support, Designer Improvements

LLBLGen Pro 3.5 Adds OData and SQL Server 2012 Support, Designer Improvements

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Version 3.5 of the ORM tool LLBLGen Pro was released this week. It includes updates to Entity Framework and NHibernate support, designer improvements, and several updates to the runtime.

Changes to the runtime include the following:

  • New OData / WCF Data Services support
  • Support for SQL Server 2012
  • Compatibility with .NET 4 client profiles
  • Built-in conversions for common system types
  • Custom LINQ projections, which now support entity instances
  • New query specification, called QuerySpec
  • FULL JOIN support
  • Tracing for dependency injection

Updates to the LLBLGen Pro Designer include:

  • New Home Tab that includes Quick Start guides
  • Unified Project Settings dialog, taking the place of multiple properties/settings dialogs
  • Ability to work with previous LLBLGen Pro project files without conversion (keeping them backwards-compatible)
  • Project-level rules for .NET attribute definitions
  • Ability to import entity data model information from EDMX files
  • Several other updates, which are listed in detail on LLBLGen's What's New page

The Entity Framework updates add support for code-first and DbContext, and will lessen the amount of code generated. NHibernate changes include built-in ProxyFactoryFactory support, the option to emit schema and catalog names in mappings, and an update to allow Fluent NHibernate Session Manager to use version 1.2 syntax.

Frans Bouma, one of the project's creators, also notes the substantial work they've done in refactoring LLBLGen Pro's runtime framework:

The refactoring was necessary because our framework has two paradigms which are added to the framework at a different time, and from a design perspective in the wrong order. ... The refactoring made sure the framework re-uses more code across the two paradigms (they already shared a lot of code) and is better prepared for the future. We're not done yet, but refactoring a massive framework like ours without breaking interfaces and existing applications is ... a bit of a challenge.

LLBLGen's creators are currently offering a 30% discount on the new release.

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