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Web Workbench Adds Support for Visual Studio 11

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Mindscape has announced a new version of Web Workbench, the extension that brings Sass, LESS, and Coffeescript to Visual Studio. This release adds support for Visual Studio 11, improvements to the import process and collapsible outlining for CoffeeScript; it also incorporates recent performance improvements from Web Workbench 3.0.

Web Workbench has been mostly functional in Visual Studio 11 since the release of the Developer Preview, with certain caveats. Mindscape says that the new update is now completely functional in Visual Studio 11, and, unlike previous versions, does not require that Visual Studio 2010 also be installed.

Other features of the new Web Workbench include:

  • the ability to collapse outlines in CoffeeScript (previously only available for LESS and Sass files)
  • improved IntelliSense behavior in imported files
  • IntelliSense recognition of Compass stylesheets (though compilation is not included)

This release builds on the recent performance improvements introduced in Web Workbench 3.0. Those improvements include a compiler that runs in the background so that users no longer have to wait for large scripts to compile, and a new settings dialog that allows finer-grained control over compilation.

Web Workbench is available free from the Visual Studio Extensions Manager, and there is also a Pro version available from Mindscape.

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