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Announcing the jQuery Foundation

A non-profit trade association by the name jQuery Foundation, inc. has been founded to handle the development, documentation, and support of the jQuery Core, UI, and Mobile projects. This role was previously held by the jQuery Board in conjunction with the Software Freedom Conservancy.

The head of the jQuery Core development team, Dave Methvin, will serve as jQuery Foundation’s president. John Resig, the creator of jQuery writes,

I’m extremely excited to see the jQuery Foundation springing to life. I’m glad that Dave Methvin is leading the foundation and the direction of the core library. He’s a good friend and exceedingly capable of moving jQuery forward. Meanwhile, I’ve been spending more time focusing on improving the state of JavaScript and programming education at Khan Academy. I’m psyched to be a part of the jQuery core team and Foundation and can’t wait to see how jQuery grows in the upcoming years.

The Software Freedom Conservancy will continue to sponsor 27 open source projects including Boost, Git, PyPy, Samba, and Wine.

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