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A New Game for Learning Agile

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A new learning game designed for "stuck" teams, to help them overcome obstacles which hold them them back from their big, but difficult-to-reach, goals, to help identify and devise strategies to overcome obstacles has been released by Deborah Preuss and Friends.  

The game, named Fearless Journey,  is designed to help teams and individuals identify new ideas and behavours to overcome obstacles.  Teams identify challenges which they have no authority over and collaborate to identify ways of influencing change to overcome them.

Based on patterns from the book Fearless Change by Linda Rising and Mary Lynn Manns the game is designed to help teams explore influence strategies and approaches for overcoming obstacles.  

The book, and the game, identify patterns of influence and collaboration that teams and individuals can use to tackle the obstacles they face, providing advice and ideas on how to apply the pattern to the problems they face.

One example of a pattern used in the game is:

Ask for Help
Since the task of introducing a new idea into an organization is a big job, look for people and resources
to help your efforts. 

The job of introducing a new idea into an organization is too big for one person, especially a newcomer who doesn’t know the ropes

Ask as may people as you can for help when you need it. Don’t try to do it alone.

The Fearless Journey game can be downloaded here

The game has been released under a Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License


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