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Apache TomEE 1.0 Released

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The Apache Software Foundation has released Apache TomEE 1.0. Apache TomEE, pronounced "Tommy", is a Java EE 6 Web Profile certified all-Apache stack available under the Apache 2.0 license. TomEE is composed of Tomcat (Servlet, JSP, JSTL), OpenWebBeans (CDI), OpenEJB (EJB), OpenJPA (JPA), MyFaces (JSF), Geronimo Transaction (JTA), Geronimo JavaMail (Javamail) and Apache Bean Validation (Bean Validation). There is also TomEE+, a TomEE distribution that adds Apache CXF (JAX-RS, JAX-WS), ActiveMQ (JMS) and Geronimo Connector (Connector). Apache TomEE is a sub-project of Apache OpenEJB and supersedes what is known as the OpenEJB + Tomcat integration. Apache TomEE 1.0 is based on Apache Tomcat 7.0.27, the latest version of Tomcat with WebSocket support.

Apache TomEE 1.0 has improved startup times for large applications over earlier versions. This was achieved through reduced classloading, and enhanced annotation and TLD file scanning. Tuning was focused on large applications like Confluence, Ralio, and Lift, which resulted in 369%, 128% and 166% faster startup times, respectively. Server startup time has also improved. On a modern MacBookPro, startup time should be ~1200ms from the command line or ~700ms from within Eclipse.

Other new features include the ability to pinpoint which classes and JARs should be scanned via the scan.xml file. There is also now a remote adapter for Arquillian. Shipped in a separate zip file is an experimental new feature for provisioning applications using online Maven repositories.

Apache TomEE is assembled from the standard Apache Tomcat distribution. The extra JAR files, configurations files and the TomEE webapp are then added and repackaged. This Tomcat with EE distribution runs without any additional memory requirements and is compatible with existing Tomcat web applications and tools. There is also a more detailed comparison of the Tomcat and TomEE distributions.

For more information, please visit the official Apache TomEE website. To get started, watch the TomEE Getting Started video on YouTube, and then download TomEE 1.0 from Apache website.

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