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InfoQ Homepage News MonoDevelop 3.0 – Better Code Completion, Performance, Quick-Fix Suggestions

MonoDevelop 3.0 – Better Code Completion, Performance, Quick-Fix Suggestions

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MonoDevelop 3.0 has been released and there are several new features that focus on performance and developer productivity, especially for C# developers.

The major change in the version is that MonoDevelop’s resolver and code completion now uses the Mono Compiler Service, which ensures all future improvements to the Compiler Service will improve these IDE features.

Some of the improvements in a gist -

  • Better Code completion, especially lambdas and LINQ Expressions
  • Faster and More Accurate Find References
  • Semantic Highlighting for C#
  • Improved Code Formatting with a new predefined “AllMan” scheme, compatible with the VS default
  • New version of MonoMac addin
  • New Visual Designer for Mono For Android
  • Faster loading and building of large projects

Apart from these, there is a new experimental feature for Source Analysis that offers potential code improvements/refactorings and a quick-fix command - when enabled this also shows a code mini-map near the scroll-bar. The refactoring uses NRefactory 5 context actions model and it is possible to write new context actions. It is noteworthy that NRefactory5, which is built on top of Mono Compiler service, is also used in SharpDevelop and is result of a collaborative effort between the two project teams. 

MonoDevelop is an open-source IDE for .NET and Mono-based Desktop and Web applications, mainly developed and supported by Xamarin

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Community comments

  • Nice!

    by Ali Motaz,

    Your message is awaiting moderation. Thank you for participating in the discussion.

    I started looking into C# recently, mainly because Mono exists, I am pro Free Open Source Software, and never really wanted to waste any time on a windows only language

    C# does seem like a very nice language, and the .Net libraries seem very elaborate, I wish if MS would opensource more of its libraries so that they bundle them into Mono, specially the WCF stack

    I wish the Mono team all the best

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Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p