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InfoQ Homepage News dotCover 2.0 Adds Integrated Unit Test Runner and Visual Studio 2012 Support

dotCover 2.0 Adds Integrated Unit Test Runner and Visual Studio 2012 Support

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JetBrains announced the release of their code coverage utility, dotCover 2.0, this week. In addition to support for the new Visual Studio 2012 RC, the new version of dotCover includes its own unit test runner and attribute filters.

dotCover was originally released as an extension for ReSharper that allowed developers to analyze unit test coverage in .NET. dotCover 2.0 now includes the same unit test runner that ReSharper uses, making it a standalone tool. (If ReSharper is installed, dotCover will still use the original test runner.) The tool integrates with Visual Studio 2005 or later, and supports multiple unit testing frameworks including MSTest, NUnit, MSpec, and xUnit.

dotCover includes ‘coverage filters’, which allow developers to include or exclude code from testing based on assembly, method, or type. The new release introduces attribute filters, which make it possible to exclude code marked with certain attributes.

JetBrains states that they will update dotCover again once Visual Studio 2012 RTM is available. dotCover 2.0 starts at $75 per license, and there is a 30-day free trial available for download.

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