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PhoneGap 2.0 – One Framework, Many Platforms

Adobe Systems has recently released PhoneGap 2.0, an open source solution that enables developers and companies to create cross platform mobile applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. PhoneGap framework provides an ability to build applications for a wide range of platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Palm WebOS, Samsung Bada and Symbian. PhoneGap 2.0 includes support for Cordova WebView, which enables developers to wrap a web application as a native app by using the browser control available in all the mobile platforms.

Announcing the launch of PhoneGap 2.0 at the 2nd annual PhoneGap day in Portland, Adobe disclosed that the framework includes command line tooling, which brings a standard nomenclature to common tasks across platforms such as project creation, debugging, and emulation. The latest release provides an ability to easily install applications created with the framework using node package manager and also provides support for uniform JavaScript across various platforms with Cordovajs library.

PhoneGap 2.0 also provides support for Windows Phone that provides an ability to create applications such as a game, which works with Windows Phone devices by including advanced features such as accelerometer. Moreover, developers will be able to visualize significant changes which have been implemented for the iOS platform.

Prior to PhoneGap 2.0, developers made extensive use of problematic Xcode templates to build applications for Mac OS X. But with the help of the latest release, developers just need to create a new project at the command line but need access to Mountain Lion.

Adobe provides comprehensive documentation along with the latest release of PhoneGap, which includes getting started guides, plugins and migration manuals. I hope these resources will surely help developers to accelerate the development of mobile applications.

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