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InfoQ Homepage News Ignite UI for Building jQuery Apps

Ignite UI for Building jQuery Apps

Infragistics recently released Ignite UI, which is a set of advanced HTML and JavaScript user interface controls that enables developers to create browser based, touch enabled tablet, mobile and desktop applications.

Ignite UI is based on jQuery Core, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile JavaScript libraries and includes a complete set of 22 jQuery based mobile controls with support for adaptive CSS for the development of iPhone, Android and Windows Phone applications.

In addition to Ignite UI core engine, data chart, geospatial mapping, data grids, data access, data binding and HTML editing controls, the framework also provides support for the latest version of all major browsers including the ability to limit the amount of JavaScript which is sent to the client using the Loader component.

The HTML5 data chart control provides features such as mouse or touch range selection, pinch zoom, composite or hybrid charts, motion framework, pie chart, a wide range of category series charts including polar, radial and financial series.

The control configurator included with Ignite UI enables you to work with the controls using a user friendly design editor with Property and Events window. You just need to place the required control and the corresponding JavaScript will be automatically generated on the background.

The geospatial map control enables you to bind and render thousands to millions of data points on the map with support for bing, cloudmade, openstreet, ESRI shape files and custom tiles in addition to contour line, polyline, scatter area, geographic shape and symbol.

"All of the Ignite UI controls also ship with an MVC wrapper that gives you the ability to take full advantage of the controls in an MVC application. If you are not ready to dive in to pure client development, you can use the MVC wrappers and use the same controls but using C# or VB and instantiating controls and working with them in your controller," says Jason Beres, Vice President of Product Management at Infragistics.

Ignite UI also includes DataGrid control with advanced features such as sorting, grouping, column pinning and cell merging including numerous controls such as dialog window, file upload, rating, HTML5 video player and tree control with multi-selection checkboxes, images, drag and drop support.

According to Jason, Ignite UI is part of NetAdvantage Ultimate, so any Infragistics Ultimate customer gets Ignite UI as part of their subscription. Ignite UI is also part of our MobileAdvantage bundle, which includes NucliOS, our native iOS objective C based UI toolkit, Iguana UI, our Android UI toolkit and NetAdvantage for Windows Phone.

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