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InfoQ Homepage News Orubase: Develop Hybrid Native Mobile Applications for Windows Phone, Android and iOS

Orubase: Develop Hybrid Native Mobile Applications for Windows Phone, Android and iOS

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Orubase is a framework that enables you to build hybrid native mobile applications for Windows Phone, Android and iOS platforms by leveraging ASP.NET MVC, HTML5 and JavaScript. It also enables developers to reuse the business and database layers that already exist in .NET applications.

Orubase also provides support for native navigation which enables you to implement key elements that control the navigation experience with native code. Moreover, it includes a bridge to the common native APIs such as contacts, notifications, accelerometer and camera for each supported device platforms.

The installation file for Orubase is available in two formats such as for Windows and Mac development. The Windows installer package can be used for development of native applications for Android and Windows Phone devices. On the other hand, the installation package for Mac can be used for the development of native applications for iOS platform.

Developed by Syncfusion, Orubase provides an extensive set of mobile web controls that can be directly used in your applications to produce stunning platform specific user interfaces.

The controls included with Orubase include ActionLinkButton, AutoCompleteTextBox, Charts, Dialogs, Footer, Form Buttons, Gauge, Grid, Group Button, Header, List Box, Menu, Rating, Route Link Button, Scroll Panel, Tab, Toggle Button, Toolbar and Waiting Pop-up.

A classic implementation of Orubase is Syncfusion's own support system, Direct-Trac with support for one code base and native integration. The mobile application is available for download from Apple App Store, Google play, and Android.

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