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InfoQ Homepage News Velocity Web Performance and Operations Conference Kicks off in London

Velocity Web Performance and Operations Conference Kicks off in London

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O’Reilly’s Velocity conferences target web ops and performance professionals who like you to learn from their peers, exchange ideas with experts, and share best practices and lessons learned. The Velocity Europe 2012 event focuses on the core issues and opportunities that are specific to the European performance and ops community, as well as the most significant worldwide themes and players.

The Velocity Conference provides participants with real-world best practices for optimizing their site's web pages, specifically the performance of AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, and images. Even sites that have already been optimized can benefit, making for a better customer experience.

During the three days of the conference, there are two parallel tracks: “Operations and Culture” and “Web Performance”. There is also a sponsored track.

A service that was presented during the first day and got lots of attention by the attendees was PageSpeed Insights and especially the relatively new “Critical Path Explorer" feature, which although is still under heavy development, it is a powerful tool to identify performance bottlenecks.

Finally and interesting theme that has been surfacing several times during the first days is: "Performance equals revenue."

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