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Will Tschumy on Microsoft Design Principles

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In the //build/, Will Tschumy, Principal User Experience Advisor at Microsoft outlined five principles which developers should adopt during the software development process.

According to Will, developers should have an attention to detail and develop software which is safe and reliable. He further elaborates that apps can deviate from the standard silhouette but it should feel intentional and designed.

He emphasizes the need for responsiveness, intuitive interaction and urges the developers to create products which are designed for touch user interface with immersive, compelling and modern design.

He began the session with a brief mention about Microsoft’s strategic investment in design few years back which resulted in the evolution of Office 2003. He provides user interface screenshots of the various products and also examines the concepts behind them.

“Software products should take advantage of cloud computing and leverage the platform with balance, symmetry and hierarchy. The user interface should be bold and produce vibrant colors in addition to being focused and direct,” says Will.

Luke Wroblewski, CEO and Co-Founder of Input Factory Inc

Microsoft is adopting various modern design principles across Windows Phone, Bing, Windows 7, Office 2007, and Microsoft Surface with quite good results.

Scott Barnes, former Microsoft Product Manager for WPF and Silverlight:

Metro isn't Wp7, Metro is Microsoft future vision

Will concluded the session by observing the fact that developers should work together to complete scenarios and build software products which fit into the user experience model.

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