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Agile 2013 Conference Submissions Open

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The Agile Alliance has anounced that submissions are now open for the Agile 2013 conference to be held in Nashville in August 2013.

According to the conference website

Agile2013 offers anyone involved with software development a unique opportunity to explore the full depth and breadth of Agile techniques and approaches, practical applications, technologies, policies, theories, and research. With a Program expected to feature more than 200 Talks, Tutorials, and Workshops plus Keynotes and Special Events - each and every participant will find a rich variety of relevant, valuable sessions to attend throughout the week.

The conference is organised into three broad themes - People, Process at Scale and Technical.  Each of these themes is divided into a number of tracks, with a total of over 200 speaker slots over the five-day conference.

There has previously been critisism of the submission process as submitters were expected to decide which track their proposals would fall into - this year the organizers have allowed for a "Not Sure" submission which will allow the track chairs to assign the submission to the most apropriate track.

There are two additional areas in the conference structure - for those new to Agile there is an "Agile Bootcamp" area, and a more academically focused "Experience Reports" track:

The Experience Report Track provides the opportunity for agile innovators, teams and individuals to share observations, hard fought wisdom, and practical advice. An experience report is a firsthand description of challenges faced, approaches taken, observations and reflections... An award will be given for the best experience report paper and selected “experience reporters” may be invited to contribute a paper to IEEE Software.

A call has also been issued for volunteers to act as reviewers of the submissions.  Reviewers provide feedback to the session submitters and help guide the selection of the program.  Prospective reviewers can register their interest here

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