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Adopt-a-JSR Program Online Meetup Today

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Adopt a JSR Program is an initiative to encourage Java User Group (JUG) members to get involved in the Java Community Process (JCP) by adopting a Java Specification Request (JSR). The goals behind this initiative are to get early feedback from the developer community on the new standards. The group members can also help with building Reference Implementations (RI) and Technical Compatibility Kits (TCK).

JSRs cover all aspects of the Java ecosystem such as the new Date and Time API (coming in Java 8) as well as the JavaEE 7 API for the cloud. Around fifteen Java User Groups across the world have already joined the program and signed up for different JSR projects.

The team behind the Adopt-a-JSR program is hosting an online meetup on January 18. The meeting goals are to share the details about the Adopt-a-JSR program, how it benefits the Java developer community, and how the user group members can provide feedback. Martijn Verberg from London Java Community (LJC), Bruno Souza from SouJava, Arun Gupta from the Java EE/GlassFish team and Heather VanCura from the JCP program office will be facilitating the meetup.

This is your opportunity to provide feedback and contribute to JCP process. The conference call details are posted on the announcement page. Also, after the meeting, the recording of the online meetup and materials will be posted on JCP multimedia page.

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