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InfoQ Homepage News PhoneGap 2.5 Enables Application Cache and InAppBrowser Geolocation

PhoneGap 2.5 Enables Application Cache and InAppBrowser Geolocation

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PhoneGap 2.5 has been released which enables application cache and geolocation in the InAppBrowser including fix for a null pointer exception which occurs when the user click the back button while the app is launched. Moreover, the release also includes a new configuration parameter named disallowOverscroll which enables you to remove blue glow when you try to scroll past the top/bottom of the screen.

PhoneGap 2.5 has been updated in such a way that config.xml document should make use of <widget> instead of <cordova> including the addition of pluginInitialize method to CDVPlugin. Moreover, the latest version removes CDVViewController from CDVCapture, CDVSound and CDVLocation and adds whitelist method to CommandDelegate.

PhoneGap 2.5 enables you to implement useSplashScreen without using a setting and distinguish top-level from sub-frame navigations. The latest release provides an ability to make use of a custom script for www/ copying and correct MIME-type for asset-library responses. It also provides a fix for CB-571 media updates.

PhoneGap 2.5 also enables you to run uncrustify on CDVPlugin and enables you to automatically add a notification so that plugins will know when page loads occurs including the ability to add body property to FileTransferError object.

It also adds NATIVE_URI to FileTransfer.upload, copyTo, moveTo, getMetadata, readAsDataURL and getFileMetadata methods including addition of NSURLCache to app template. The latest release provides a fix for CDVViewController user agent lock and includes updates for Windows Phone 7, Bada, BadaWac, WebOS, Tizen, QT, CordovaJS and Cordova CLI.

PhoneGap 2.5 provides support for AppCache and adds NATIVE_URI to the quick-return logic including fix for a geolocation database error. It ships with updates for Windows Phone 8 which checks app resources if iso file does not exist and also added html+js mime type. Moreover, it detect instances where item is a resource and use a stream instead of iso-store.

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  • what's is iso-store mean?

    by yurong liao,

    Your message is awaiting moderation. Thank you for participating in the discussion.

    Moreover, it detect instances where item is a resource and use a stream instead of iso-store.
    what's the meaning?i don't understand,can anybody explain in detail?iso-store stands for what?

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