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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ's New Redesign: Video Tour and Feedback

InfoQ's New Redesign: Video Tour and Feedback

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The above video provides a guided tour of the first major redesign of InfoQ since its inception. The intention of this redesign is to make it easier for users to find content they want, to simplify most pages to emphasize content instead of sidebars and metadata, and to make the site easier to read and more tablet/mobile friendly. 

The new homepage offers both a graphical "grid" view as well as a text only list view (see top right corner); these homepages reflect that InfoQ has gone beyond the world of tech blogs and is now a high volume multi-media site offering an average of 20 news items, 20 conference presentation videos, 4 articles, 3 interviews, research questions and books every week. The new design makes it easier for users to find all of this content, and also scan in one view all new content published in the last few days on the homepage.

The new ‘popular widget’ ( top right) is a new feature requested by our users. Other changes based on user requests include index pages for each content type and numerous other enhancements on each page.

Next on our list of upgrades: moving from fixed-width to a responsive design that can scale up to larger widths and down to mobile devices. Later this year we plan to make it easy to subscribe to individual topics on the site, redo our personalization algorithm to allow you to make custom views of the topics you care about, and explore improving the accessibility of our videos:  the #1 request we get is for offline capable video. 

We’re excited to unveil the new design and we hope  you like it, too! –If you have a moment, please  answer our survey questions below so we can better gauge how you feel about this new look.   Feel free to leave long form comments below or email us at

Let us know what you think on Twitter using #infoqreskin or on our Facebook page.


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