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IBM and Microsoft push Opscode Chef

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 IBM and Opscode are working together to help IBM customers leverage Chef, Opscode's infrastructure automation platform. Additionally Microsoft and Opscode have joined forces to help automate Microsoft's cloud service Azure.

Chef will support the AIX operating system so that enterprises will be able to automate their AIX-based infrastructure. IBM will support Chef server in IBM SmartCloud further strengthening support of Chef in the enterprise. Together IBM and Opscode are going to develop cookbooks for the WebSphere Application server.

Additionally to the collaboration with IBM, Opscode announced that they're working together with Microsoft Open Technologies, developing a set of Chef cookbooks to automate Microsoft Azure. The first cookbooks will automate Drupal and WordPress setups on Windows Azure.

Moe Abdula, VP of SmartCloud Foundation at IBM, says that by collaborating on product integration and Chef Community content, IBM will be able to offer enterprise businesses comprehensive solutions for gaining the most value out of cloud.

Panos Papadomitsos has created a Chef cookbook for Azure. It installs and configures the Windows Azure Linux agent. Additionally it provides an Ohai plugin that populates the azure and cloud meshes. It supports Ubuntu and CentOS 6.

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