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JS1K Winners Announced

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JS1K is a yearly competition challenging JavaScript developers to create impressive JavaScript programs, games or demos no larger than 1 kilobyte. This year marks the competition's fourth edition, and once again resulted in some impressive graphical demos, toys and little games. The competition is judged by Juriy Zytsev, Paul Irish, Klas Kroon, and Sjoerd Visscher.

This year's first place (300 euros) goes to Phillippe Descaseaux, with its "Strange Crystals II" demo, described as "The crystals have disappeared in the space/time fracture, but shiny Furbee has survived and is now accompanying the visitors."


Second place goes to Roman Cortes' "Furbee, get out of that tunnel ASAP!", also showing a tunnel, but with a bee with tie flying out. 


Mathieu Henri's "3013 The 䕵 space-time fracture" shows a "space-time fracture into the future, trapping a 䕵 Mech inside a time bubble."


The competition was started as a joke four years ago by Peter van der Zee, but became wildly popular and resulted in many impressive demos over the past years. All other contesting demos can be viewed at the JS1K website.

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