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InfoQ Homepage News Outsource User Management and Authentication with Stormpath

Outsource User Management and Authentication with Stormpath


Security is hard. Most applications these days require user management, authentication, and authorization right from the beginning. Not only is this time consuming, even a minor mistake can be disastrous.

To help developers focus more on what the application actually does, Stormpath is offering turnkey user management and authentication services. Using these services, applications can authenticate users via a single API call. Account registration, email verification, password resets, and the like are available out of the box. (Though some customization of the emails are encouraged.)

User management is normally handled via a browser based application. However, developers also have the option to manage user directories, accounts, and groups through a REST based API. Developers not wanting to deal with raw calls can use language specific SDKs for Java, Ruby, and PHP. Support for other languages such as .NET are planned for future versions.

If desired, Stormpath can be configured to mirror on premise LDAP providers such as Active Directory. “An agent installed behind the corporate firewall securely synchronizes LDAP to a Stormpath cloud directory through outbound push updates.”

Stormpath offers two deployment models. The basic offering is a cloud based solution that starts at 19/month for basic functionality (US dollars). LDAP integration increases the price to 295/month plus 99 per LDAP agent. The enterprise level jumps the price to 2,995 per month, but that includes a customized solution and a 100% uptime guarantee.

The second deployment model is an on premise server. At 39,995 per year plus 1,188/LDAP agent this option is reserved for only large companies that are particularly concerned about keeping their security critical servers in house. Like the enterprise cloud offering, Stormpath is willing to offering customizations with this package.

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