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InfoQ in French Unlaunched!

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InfoQ will now be available in French at;  InfoQ FR will serve regions such as Belgium, Quebec, France, Luxemburg, Switzerland and of course all the french-speaking communities around the globe. We are 'unlaunching' it much like we did InfoQ - it is operating with daily news and weekly content, with all content types being supported. InfoQ FR is waiting on your feedback on how they can better serve your needs before we declare it 'launched'.

InfoQ's purpose is to faciliate the spread of knowledge and innovation in the software development community. Since 2007 we have been also running in Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese  each site managed by independent teams of full time staff and community editors, offering both translated and original local content; InfoQ is again extending to serve communities where English is a barrier.  

InfoQ FR will feature translations of most of news (within a day of it appearing on the english site), articles, and books; it will have its own calendar for videos of local experts (and eventually subtitled translations of some of the best ones from; and most importantly, it will also have its own news reporting on local enterprise software development events and cool things for the French-speaking audience, building and connecting local community like InfoQ does for the rest of the world.
InfoQ FR has its own personalized RSS feed system (grabbing the feed from automatically only has news from, and also their own thread commenting system - the same news posts in both languages have independent discussion threads and will not interfere with each other.  
We also hope to soon be translating great content (and perhaps even discussion forum opinions) from those internationalized editions back into english, enabling InfoQ to further facilitate cross-pollination of ideas and knowledge.
In the French version of this announcement, our France-based community editors were named and we'd like to thank them:
Simon Baslé, Eric Bellemon, Benoît Nouyrigat, Hadrien Pierart, Mathieu Pousse, Antoine Rouaze and Julien Vey - and everyone without which we would not have been able to do it, Quentin Adam, Payam Afkari, Alfred Almendra, Dimitri Baeli, Antoine Berthelin, Yohan Beschi, Sam Bessalah, Tony Blanchard, Dridi Boukelmoune, Olivier Bourgain, Gabriela Buda, Maghen Calinghee, Philippe Charrière, Marc Clément, Antoine Comte, Romain Couturier, Jacques Couvreur, Agnès Crépêt, Olivier Croisier, Alexandre Cuva, Julien Delhomme, Nicolas de Loof, Jean-Laurent de Morlhon, Geoffrey Etwein, Claude Falguière, Houssam Fakih, Nicolas Fedou, Michel Goldenberg, Olivier Gonthier, Horacio Gonzalez, Tugdual Grall, Jérémie Grodziski, Benjamin Houdu, Olivier Huber, Florian Hussonois, Laurent Jayr, Julien Lavigne du Cadet, Cyrille Le Clerc, Yohan Legat, Séven Le Mesle, Tanguy Leroux, Sébastien Letélié, Thomas Lissajoux, Pablo Lopez, Sébastien Lorber, Mario Loriedo, Arnauld Loyer, Gaël Luisier, Matthieu Lux, Gilles Mantel, Cyrille Martraire, Aurélien Maury, Maxime Ménard, Philippe Mioulet, Hugo Miranda, Jérôme Molière, Jawher Moussa, Martin Mouterde, Cédric Nisio, Slim Ouertani, Aurélien Pelletier, Yann-Erwan Perio, Ernst Perpignand, Jérôme Petit, Gérald Quintana, Karim Rebai, Guillaume Tinon, Orianne Tisseuil, Augustin Topin-Chuet, Nouhoum Traoré, Vincent Uribe, Cédric Vidal, Grégory Weinbach, David Wursteisen and Chris Woodrow."

We'd like to thank our founding sponsors for their support in the launch of InfoQ FR:  AppDynamics et CloudBees.

And foremost, we'd like to thank Zenika, our operating partner providing InfoQ to the French community. Pierre Queinnec, CTO and co-founder of Zenika championed this initiative and mentioned  that InfoQ's service in the world is important and he saw it as a personal mission to bring this to the French speaking community.

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