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InfoQ Homepage News .NET Reflector 8.2 Adds Visual Studio 2013, Local Variable Highlighting and Code Map View Support

.NET Reflector 8.2 Adds Visual Studio 2013, Local Variable Highlighting and Code Map View Support

The recently released .NET Reflector 8.2 by Red Gate Software provides support for Visual Studio 2013 including the ability to convert hex/decimal value in Reflector Desktop. The desktop also provides support for local variable highlighting and code map view. Moreover, the latest release also provides a fix for Enable just my code bug in the Visual Studio extension.

With the help of code map, which appears to the right of the assembly browser pane, you will be able to view zoomed-out snippet of the code. As mentioned above, the latest release also includes an ability to convert values. The reflector will display the values in both hex and decimal when you hover over them.

In addition to the above mentioned features, .NET Reflector also enables you to debug your own code, third-party libraries or components used by your application. It also enables you to study .NET applications which has no proper documentation including the ability to dissect deep into the libraries of SharePoint APIs.

"It was pretty clear that we needed to support VS 2013 and .NET 4.5.1 as quickly as possible. The new version integrates with Visual Studio 2013, so you can carry on decompiling and debugging 3rd party code without leaving the IDE," says Roger Hart, Marketing Manager, Red Gate Software.

When .NET Reflector 8 was originally released, it included a functionality to toggle enable just my code option on Visual Studio startup. However, this feature disrupted workflows and hence the latest release provides an ability to disable this option.

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