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InfoQ Homepage News Team Explorer Everywhere 2012 Update 3 Released with Support for Eclipse and FreeBSD

Team Explorer Everywhere 2012 Update 3 Released with Support for Eclipse and FreeBSD

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Microsoft recently released Team Explorer Everywhere 2012 Update 3 with several important bug fixes, updates including support for Eclipse. It includes improved folder compare performance which enhances the performance in all scenarios including the commonly used local to server.

The recent release fixes an issue where execute bit was not automatically set on download onto some Unix based systems when talking to a TFS 2012 update 1 or 2 server. It also provides support for uploading potentially large files in addition to support for hosted service, TFS 2013 Preview, TFS 2012 and TFS 2010.

Team Explorer Everywhere 2012 Update 3 includes built-in support for the latest release of Eclipse with backwards compatibility for up to Eclipse 3.5. Based on the feedback from developers and testers, Microsoft has also provided native code support for FreeBSD on 32 and 64 bit Intel architectures including the command line client to TFVC.

According to official sources, the next version of Team Explorer Everywhere is slated to be released within the next few months with usability enhancements and support for transparent symlink on Unix file systems. The next update will also integrate with eGit for projects that are hosted in TFS but with a Git rather than TFVC source control repository.

Along with Team Explorer Everywhere 2012 Update 3, Microsoft also released an update of TFS SDK for Java to include all the above mentioned fixes in our Java API.

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