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InfoQ Homepage News 8th Annual State of Agile Development Survey Now Open

8th Annual State of Agile Development Survey Now Open

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The 8th annual State of Agile Development Survey was announced at the Agile 2013 conference, and has been mentioned by the sponsor VersionOne in their blog post the opening of the 8th Annual State of Agile Development Survey:

Time to collect the largest base of knowledge on agile development. The trends, lessons learned, benefits of agile, agile development tool uses and preferences — so that you can learn how to get the most from your agile initiatives.

There have been 4048 software development professionals who responded to the 2012 survey. The report from the 7th Survey provides insight into agile adoption:

In case you didn’t see last year’s report, this survey – the largest of its kind – covers just about anything and everything you’d ever want to know about agile development. It’s full of valuable information from thousands of software professionals around the agile community.

Earlier this year, InfoQ covered the 2012 VersionOne State of Agile Survey, and did an interview with Robert Holler, President and CEO of VersionOne, to talk about the results of the State of Agile Development survey. Robert mentioned the strong increase in agile adoption:

Each year we always see an upward tick and positive trend but this year we have seen quite a change in momentum, for example in relation to transition last year it was 59% either doing Agile or planning to do Agile to 83% this year, it just doesn’t get any more significant than that.

Last year many respondents were struggling with changing organizational culture, as has also been the case in previous years:

I think it is wrapped up into two things; cultural change and natural resistance to change and I think those things are highly interrelated. Cultural points to operating not in a command and control environment (those things just take time) and the second is a human element and humans don’t change overnight that easily. Those two have been at the forefront for many years, and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. 

You can participate in the state of agile development survey. If you participate, you will get the data before it goes public.

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