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Atlassian Bamboo 5 Connects the DevOps Dots

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 Atlassian, makers of Jira and Confluence, have released version 5 of their continuous delivery tool Bamboo. This version connects Jira Issues and code commits to deployments in various environments with so called Deployment Projects. Anyone invovled can mark a deployment as approved or broken. These features create end-to-end transparency from code to deployments supporting DevOps collaboration.

Sarah Goff-Dupont, Product Marketing Manager at Atlassian, says: "In addition to cross-pollinating dev- and ops-centric information by way of deployment projects and releases, it’s now easier for the team to communicate about release readiness."

Bamboo is able to show all code changes and Jira issues related to a release candidate. In addition to that detailed list of what goes into the release, version 5 offers a view into the detailed status of a release candidate. It shows when the release candidate was promoted to which environments and which tests ran when and where.

Developers, testers, and system administrators can discuss any release candidate using the built-in comments feature. That way they can come up with a go/no-go decision, which is documented right away and always connected to the release candidate.

The deploy status of any release is available as a new tab in the related Jira issues. This enables developers and testers to see at a glance where they can test that issue, or whether it is already released to staging or production.

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