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InfoQ Homepage News dotPeek 1.1 Adds Support for Decompilation, Improved Navigation, Bookmarks

dotPeek 1.1 Adds Support for Decompilation, Improved Navigation, Bookmarks

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dotPeek 1.1, a free .NET decompiler recently released by JetBrains includes features that enables you to save decompiled assemblies as Visual Studio projects in addition to enhanced navigation and decompilation. You will be able to browser project files without leaving dotPeek after the generation of projects from decompiled sources.

The latest release also provides an ability to create 10 numbered and  unlimited unnumbered bookmarks, which enables you to place a numbered marker at any position in the code viewer and locate them easily in future.

dotPeek 1.1 includes techniques to preserve state between sessions that includes restoring the state of window layout and active tool windows in addition to lists of loaded assemblies and recently opened files. It also provides support for BAML decompilation, async methods, lambda and LINQ expressions in addition to field like events.

The latest release also ships with several improvements to navigation which includes Go to Everything, a navigation command that enables navigating to file, symbol or type within one menu. Beginning with dotPeek 1.1, the installation package will also be available as 32 and 64 bit executables in addition to .MSI installer package.

"The latest dotPeek takes more pain away from developers who are forced to work with libraries with no associated source code and coming from an unknown origin. Navigation improvements and bookmarks simplify the way you explore decompiled code that doesn't work the way it's expected to, and export to Visual Studio projects really helps you out in complex cases when you have to reconstruct a library just to make it work as you think it should", said Sergey Shkredov, dotPeek Lead, JetBrains.

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