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InfoQ Homepage News Flexible Contract Template Now Available

Flexible Contract Template Now Available

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Following on from the session presented at the Agile 2013 conference, Susan Atkinson and Gabrielle Benefield  have published a version of their Flexible Contract under a Creative Commons license.

The Flexible Contracts website has been set up to provide access to the contract template for both US and UK legal systems, along with a variety of articles and presentations that provide background information for the approach.

On the website they state:

Based on years of iterative experience, we’ve designed a contract that lets you formalize the way you prefer to work: fast, lean, and agile. Why are contracts important? Contracts drive behavior—the wrong contract can de-rail your agile or lean project.
To help you better understand what flexible contracts are and how they can be used in software development projects, we’re writing a comprehensive guide on how to use them in practice.

They previously wrote an InfoQ article describing How the Traditional Contract Model Increases the Risk of Failure and why taking an outcome focused approach to contracting will result in more successful engagements. 



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