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InfoQ Homepage News GitHub Enterprise Adds New User Interface, Two Factor Authentication and Identicons

GitHub Enterprise Adds New User Interface, Two Factor Authentication and Identicons

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GitHub Enterprise has been released with a new user interface that enables you to interact with your repositories available on GitHub. It also provides support for LDAP group authentication, which enables you to specify domain base thereby restricting those users who login using groups rather than OUs.

GitHub Enterprise provides support for two-factor authentication in addition to TOTP in applications such as Google Authenticator, which is available with iOS and Android based phones. The latest release also includes several improvements to rendering of CSV based files in an easy format.

GitHub Enterprise provides support for Identicons to provide rich and colorful experience, mobile views which enables you to view a pull request linked to a notification while you are away from your desk.

Moreover, it also adds collectd monitoring to enable you to send graph data to an external server and monitor server health and performance.

The enterprise release ships with soft limitations for those files which are over 50 MB in size without rejecting any pushes. It also includes features such as explore and trending views, code search API, in addition to OAuth improvements, ability to delete files on GitHub, task lists in Gist and repository redirects.

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