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WebStorm 7.0 Adds Support for Even More Web Technologies

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JetBrains has just released WebStorm 7.0 GA with support for EJS, Mustache, Handlebars, Web Components, Stylus, Karma, Istanbul, Compass, and comes with various enhancements.

Shortly after beta, JetBrains has announced WebStorm 7.0, an IntelliJ IDEA-based IDE for creating applications using various web technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, CoffeeScript, Dart, TypeScript and others.

WebStorm 7.0 adds support for:

WebStorm 7.0 has integrated a Node package manager, a redesigned REST client UI and Chrome debugger with support for the latest versions of WebKit Remote Debugging and V8 Debugging protocols, and support for GitHub pull requests directly from the IDE. Also, the IDE has included a terminal window for those who prefer the command line for certain operations.

Among language improvements, most notable are perhaps those related to CoffeeScript and Dart, but we should also mention support for the latest TypeScript 0.9. An interesting addition is the full screen editor mode available on all platforms.

Users who purchased a license over the last 12 months (since September 26th, 2012) can upgrade to WebStorm 7.0 for free. There are paid editions for commercial, personal and academic use, and free ones for schools, open source projects and MVPs.

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