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InfoQ Homepage News New Relic Adds Node.js Support, Improved Rendering and Alert System

New Relic Adds Node.js Support, Improved Rendering and Alert System

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New Relic has announced several new features such as introduction of Node.js at the recently held FutureStack conference in San Francisco. With the help of Node.js, you will be able to view code-level transaction traces and provides an ability to retrieve the total time spent in the database. It also enables you to identify slowly running 3rd party APIs.

The latest update includes an ability to display data in histograms and percentiles, which helps you to identify transaction outliers and application abnormalities. Moreover, the data will be displayed by percentile grouping that helps you to rapidly rank transaction response times.

According to reports coming in, Node.js support has been implemented in partnership with Joyent, Microsoft Windows Azure Mobile Services, CloudBees and EngineYard. The updated alert system enables you to make use of an unified dashboard to manage all the settings including an ability to create policies for alert thresholds. Moreover, you will be able to manage alerts using emails, Hipchat and Campfire.

New Relic is slated to release a new Android based mobile app bundled with features such as real time performance visibility, end-to-end traces of user interactions and custom metrics. This app is in addition to the already available app for iPad.

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