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InfoQ Homepage News Webix 1.1 Adds Improved Server Side Integration, REST API and XSS Safe Support

Webix 1.1 Adds Improved Server Side Integration, REST API and XSS Safe Support

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Webix UI controls has been recently updated to provide improved server-side integration and bug detection in addition to performance enhancement. The latest update includes an ability to disable any view such as a part of layout or text input.

Webix 1.1 enables you to make use of REST API with the controls by providing the following lines of code


The above code loads data from REST API and saves all changes onto the server. Moreover, you can use Webix with several server-side frameworks such as Ruby-on-Rails, Yii, Express and MVC.

Webix 1.1 provides a facility either to cache data locally or load data from server side in online mode and then make uses of the cached data in offline mode by using the following code


The latest release also enables you to define your own method for data storage and retrieval in addition to its usage with index DB, sockets or any other data storage. It is also possible to define a XSS safe (pure text) template by using the following template notation.

template:"name: #!name#"

"The upcoming update 1.2 includes important features like integration with such popular MVC frameworks such as Angularjs and Backbonejs," said Maksim Kozhukh, Lead Developer, XB Software.

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