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Previewing Riak 2.0

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At RICON West Basho announced the first technical preview of Riak 2.0. Continuing the work on Russell Brown’s RFC, this version brings with it new distributed data types for maps and sets.

Lately a major theme in the industry is a desire for NoSQL style databases with stronger guarantees. Basho is responding by giving Riak a strong consistency option. Each bucket type can be set to use strong consistency or retain the default behavior, which is high availability/eventual consistency.

Bucket types are another new feature. While data is still stored in buckets, these buckets can be grouped into bucket types for configuration purposes. Each bucket in the group inherits properties from the bucket type, but those properties can be overridden.

Full text search in Riak 2 has been completely redesigned. The new version “uses the Apache Solr full-text document indexing engine directly”, including full support for the Solr client query APIs.

The security model has also improved in Riak,

Basho designed Riak with critical data in mind. Whether it’s data that affects revenue, user experience, or even a patient’s health (as is the case with the NHS), Riak ensures that this critical data is always available. However, often this critical data is also sensitive data. Riak 2.0 adds security to this data through the ability to administer access rights and plug-in various secure authentication models commonly used today.

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