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InfoQ Homepage News Nokia Imaging SDK 1.0 Adds Filters, WinPRT API, Enhancements and Sample Demos

Nokia Imaging SDK 1.0 Adds Filters, WinPRT API, Enhancements and Sample Demos

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Nokia at the recently held Slush 2013, has released Imaging SDK v1.0 with 50 built-in filters such as Sepia, Black & White, Mirror, Tones and Chromakey, which provides an ability for the developers to provide a background to render objects including the ability to create custom filters. The latest release also provide support for arbitrary cropping regions, free rotate, dynamic filter properties in addition to resizing images to a desired file size for the purpose of sharing on the social media.

The SDK includes enhancements related to memory management as it make use of Random Access JPEG (RAJPEG) format, which automatically decompress and recompress large images for producing fast previews, effects, rotation and cropping capabilities. It also enable developers to make use of Camera Helper API to easily access camera functionality.

The filters enable developers to build apps with capabilities such as auto-enhance, frame, brightness, RGB levels, hue and saturation. Moreover, Chromakey filter provides an ability to composite images from backgrounds and cutoffs.

Nokia Imaging SDK 1.0 includes a WinPRT API library in both managed C#, VB and native C++ code. It contains large number of classes and methods to enable developers to build Windows Phone 8 apps.

Nokia has provided three sample apps based on filters such as effects, explorer and a real-time filter demo in the Lumia developer's library with full source code and are available for download on the Windows store.

Nokia Imaging SDK v1.0 includes a comprehensive documentation which contains a quick start guide in addition to sample projects, compilation errors information, API reference and the Nokia Imaging SDK License Agreement.

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