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InfoQ Homepage News Nevron Open Vision Enables Cross Platform Application Development with Windows, WPF and Silverlight

Nevron Open Vision Enables Cross Platform Application Development with Windows, WPF and Silverlight

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Nevron Open Vision (NOV) has been released with support for Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) and Silverlight. With the help of the framework, developers will be able to reuse one presentation layer on multiple operating systems, devices and environments.

The recently released NOV framework, written in Portable C#, introduces user interface and cross platform UI controls such as Buttons, Color Pickers, Command Bars, Containers, Context Popups, Drop Down Edits, Panels, Range Based Widgets, Tree View, List Box, NOV Windows and Text Widgets. It also includes a rich text editor which provides text editing mechanism similar to that of Microsoft Word and Web browser in addition to text visualization capabilities to your cross-platform applications.

The NOV framework implements W3C specifications such as Document Object Model (DOM) and Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) including the complete text-processing stack. According to official sources, NOV Framework will be updated with support for Mac OS, iOS, Android and WinRT in the near future.

InfoQ had a chat with Christo Bahchevanov, Director, Nevron to know more about NOV framework.

InfoQ: What kind of applications can be developed using NOV?

Currently, you can develop WinForms, WPF and Silverlight application by using the same code base. You can also develop component on top of the NOV Framework. With the upcoming versions, we will provide support for Mac OS, iOS, Android and WinRT - again through the same code base.

InfoQ: What is the difference between Buttons widget included with NOV and that of the standard Visual Studio controls?

There are many differences between the standard controls which come with Visual Studio and the NOV UI Widgets. Not only in terms of functionality, but portability - when you develop something with NOV, you can build your application for WinForms, WPF and Silverlight.

InfoQ: Can you share with the future roadmap of NOV Framework?

With the upcoming versions of NOV we are going to provide support for Mac OS, iOS, Android and WinRT (new hosts) as well as new UI Widgets and advanced controls like: Chart, Gauge, Diagram, Map, Grid and Pivot. Note that when we release a new host (for example for Mac OS), all UI controls and components that we already have will be 100% supported.

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